On August 19, 2006, members, spouses and guests of the Kalamazoo Model Railroad Historical Society went on a Rail Fan trip to Coldwater, Michigan to ride the Little River Railroad. Despite a drizzly start to the day, the rain stopped and gave way to a warm overcast day before the 2PM departure. The 8 mile ride to Quincy was taken at a sedate pace on smooth trackage. The scenery was mostly backyards and rolling fields of corn, but we had ample opportunity to wave to railfans and traffic stopped at the several crossings.

Number 110 is a Baldwin 4-6-2 Pacific type coal-fired locomotive, beautifully preserved. The remainder of the train consisted of: a baggage car converted for passengers, a commissary car, 2 heavyweight coaches with very nice interiors, 2 box cars converted to railfan 'cattle' cars and a well preserved wooden caboose. On the East-bound trip to Quincy the engine ran backward, hitched to the caboose. During the stop at Quincy, the engine ran around the train and coupled to the baggage car at the other end for a more normal-looking return to Coldwater. The station at Coldwater is well maintained and beautifully painted, inside and out, and contains the ticket booth, displays and a souvenirs shop.

There is a wealth of detail of the engine, rolling stock, rail line and tours on the Little River Railroad website.

Check out the Kalamazoo Model Railroad Historical Society website for more details on our activities, membership and location.

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The station house at Coldwater. Click to Enlarge

Tickets. Click to Enlarge

110 is fired up and ready. Click to Enlarge

110 is latched up with the caboose for the outbound run. Click to Enlarge

A couple of our members in the caboose. Click to Enlarge

One of the beds in the caboose. Click to Enlarge

The 'cattle' cars. Click to Enlarge

Coach logo. Click to Enlarge

Beautiful interior of the coaches. Click to Enlarge

Very nice seating too. Click to Enlarge

Rails fans along the route... Click to Enlarge

...and more railfans. Click to Enlarge

A lucky passenger got invited up to ride during the run-around at Quincy. Click to Enlarge

Don't you just love that brasswork? Click to Enlarge

Oiling up for the trip back. Click to Enlarge

The fire box. Click to Enlarge

Gauges, gauges, gauges... Click to Enlarge

The members who went on this excursion. Click to Enlarge